The lawyer James is the best New York business attorney as he presents a very prolific career in both his legal work and author career. James has produced One fully booked as well as a 7 book mini series called pocket guides. Lawyer James is passionate about being different from the other New York Lawyers who are usually cold and non-communicative with all of their clients. The lawyer James provides a clear and direct line to him and his Services. He now offers a 1 hour free consultation on his web site as well as a free eBook download of two of his books.

The best New York business attorney is James J. Decristofaro as he is not only passionate about law but also writing. He has produced 7 dark miniseries titled pocket guides. These pocket guides are titled The Power of One: Life and business after covid-19, small business legal alert, the bullet proof contract: 9 Tips for Rock Solid written contracts, new bullet proof promissory note: 10 things you need to know to have the perfect promissory note, dominate your adversary: 7 Rules for dominating the adversary in a business dispute, 5 business litigation myths debunked, and 11 easy steps: maximize your position and leverage in a business dispute by following these 11 easy steps. he is also written 1 full-length book titled in the business Edge: the Truth about resolving business disputes.

The lawyer James has become the best New York business attorney has achieved High Acclaim for his lawsuits. In particular, he has a 65 million dollar case, 95 million dollar case, and a $500,000 case that have been discussed and replicated on networks and documentaries. The networks and Publications that he has been seen on include a Netflix documentary, The Doctors, New York Post, Fortune, travel weekly, the New York Times, wall 360, business talk radio, Fremont Tribune, the John Whitmer show drive time show, Tulsa World, and though he has been featured on large that works like this, he is still passionate about providing the best law Services to those that need it.

Most New York Lawyers keep their clients in the dark by giving them no communication line ending non-responsive, legalizing and confusing their client by using legal jargon, using over lawyer, expensive, and impractical Solutions, focusing on everything but their client, and operating with a herd mentality. The reason that the lawyer James is the best New York lawyer is that he will give regular case updates to his clients, provided instant and direct access so that all questions can be answered, give clear, concise, inarticulate can communication so there is no confusion, provide practical Solutions, be present and focused on you, and uniquely Taylor Your Case by thinking out of the box.

If you are in need of legal help or would like to learn more about the lawyer James, please visit his website where you can learn more about his services and opportunities. You can also speak with a representative by call (212) 500-1891 where you will be able to get any questions you have answered as well as be pointed in the right direction towards getting the legal advice that you need.

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James J. Decristofaro Has become the best New York business attorney by utilizing open communication and better practices than most of your clothes. He provides litigation and Real Estate Services and also has provided free content for all those looking for legal advice. He is passionate about helping people. He has had a very prolific career and had some of the most high-profile cases in recent history. He has been featured on some of the nation’s most recognized works and Publications due to his work. Right now he is offering a free one-hour consultation to anyone who needs legal advice.

Amongst his other services as the best new york business attorney, the lawyer James specializes in litigation services with an open communication line to his clients. His Litigation Services include pre-litigation commands, complaints, answers, motions, Discovery, trials, and appellate work; he provides these services at both the state and federal level while also represents clients in mediation and arbitration.Deselect location services usually have to do with business disputes in the lawyer James can help you from either side. Unlike some lawyers, the lawyer James will always develop a full plan with his client and get it approved before proceeding into any legal action.

The lawyer James was born in 1973 in Southampton New York before becoming the best New York business attorney. His father was a general contractor and home builder and employed his Three Sons at a very young age. Now that James is a successful New York lawyer, his passion for the whole building has made him offer real estate Attorney Services as well. The side of his Services is a little bit more straightforward than the litigation side. In real estate law in New York, it is pretty straightforward and starts with an initial contract offer. Lawyer James will be able to help any real estate legal needs in an efficient and communicative manner.

Outside of his legal career, the lawyer James has been able to develop quite the prolific career in media by writing books and posting a podcast. His work has been featured on some of the most recognized that works and Publications in the nation.These include a Netflix documentary, a doctor’s episode, the New York Post, Fortune, travel weekly, New York Times, lot 360, business talk radio, Fremont Tribune, the John Whitmer show, so I have time show, Tulsa World, and

To learn more about James as the best New York business attorney or hear about his services, please visit his website or give him a call at (212) 500-1891 where you will be connected with a representative that can help you begin your process towards getting the legal help you need. While you’re on his website, you can book your free one-hour consultation session, download two of his ebooks for free, or learn about more of his free resources. You can also read testimonials from his previous clients as well as connect with him on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and more.