James J. Decristofaro Is the best New York business attorney. He is the highest rated and most reviewed New York lawyer. He has received a 10.0 a v v o rating as a top attorney. He is committed to providing a different kind of service as most commonly seen from New York attorneys. As most New York attorneys are non-communicative and non-responsive, he seeks to give his client indirect access to him so that they can get their needs met and also their questions answered. Right now he is offering a free one our consultation call with him as a top New York lawyer.

The lawyer James is not only one of the most successful lawyers in New York, he is also an author, podcaster, and charity advocate. He has been featured on some of the nation’s largest Publications such as Netflix, the doctors, the New York Post, Fortune, travel weekly, the New York Times, LA 360, business talk radio, Fremont Tribune, the John Whitmer show, thrive time show, Tulsa World, and wgmd. Com. Most of his Publications have been to recognize his largest cases. One of them features a 65 million-dollar case, a 95 million-dollar case, and a very interesting $500,000 case that involves a large win at a casino.

To represent his open communication as the best New York business attorney, he has written eight books. It is now offering two of them for free to anyone that downloads the ebook from his website. James is a transparent New York lawyer that is here to help by utilizing open communication and analyzing every client’s situation. For only $1, clients can go through their entire business model or personal situation with him for one hour. All of these $1 sessions will be 100% donated to a New York charity that feeds poor and elderly people. James offers transparent pricing and instant and direct access to all clients.

James was born in 1973 in Southampton, New York. He was born to a local family where his mother was a jack of all trades as she was a licensed massage therapist, taught swim lessons and started selling Tupperware. His father was a carpenter and home builder that put him in his brother’s to work from a young age. James was the eldest of three boys. Their father made sure that he knew how to work by making them the Carpenters for his Home Building Company and making them follow a chore chart that followed the model of excel long before it existed.

If you are interested in learning more about James’s story or using his services, please visit his website https://thelawyerjames.com/ or give him a (212) 500-1891 where you will be able to speak personally with a representative that will be able to point you in the right direction towards getting the attorney help that you need. On his website, you can read his testimonials from previous clients as well as connect with him on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Best New York Business Attorney | James J. Decristofaro

If you are in need of legal advice, then you can work with the best New York business attorney by scheduling a free one-hour consultation today.The lawyer James is an attorney in New York that brings over 15 years of experience in litigation and real estate law. He is well equipped for any legal situation you may be in and has experience being a versatile attorney. He has received High Acclaim for his work, writings, and podcasts over the years and has been featured on some of the nation’s largest networks and publications. James is here to provide an open communication line with a top New York attorney and operate better than the rest.

James was born in 1973 in Southampton, New York where he grew up before becoming the best New York business attorney. He was raised by two hippie parents that were both driven in business.His mother was quite the Renaissance woman as she began selling Tupperware and now teaches swim lessons in Manhattan all while being a licensed massage therapist. His father was a home builder and put him in his three Brothers to work at a young age by employing a chore chart and making sure they knew how to work.This has helped him in his career today.

James is the best New York business attorney due to his honest approach toward his clients and his versatile capabilities. He has represented clients in many Industries including telecommunications, technology, subprime lending, social media, apparel, fashion, Cosmetics, entertainment, Sports, agriculture, real estate, medical, Airline, construction, import-export, nonprofit, food and beverage, manufacturing and distribution, restaurant, Transportation, Diamond, Security, household goods, large-scale manufacturing, retail, and Financial. His experience has given him the capability to navigate through any lawsuit by knowing how to work through the end and outs of any case.

James has written 1 full-length book as well as 7 mini books in a series he calls pocket guides. These pocket guides are titled the power of 1 – life and business after covid-19 lockdown, small business legal alert, the bullet proof car on ; 9 Tips for a rock-solid written contract, the bullet proof promissory note: you’re standing 10 things you need to know to have the perfect promissory note, dominate your adversary: 7 rules were dominating your adversary in business dispute, 5 business litigation myths debunked, 11 easy steps: maximize your position and leverage in the business dispute by following these 11 easy steps. His book is titled the business Edge: the Truth about resolving business disputes.

If you would like to learn more about James as a top New York lawyer for the services that he offers please visit his website https://thelawyerjames.com/ or give him a call at (212) 500-1891 where is a representative will be able to point you in the right direction. When connected with James the lawyer, you will be able to take advantage of his resources such as a $1 consultation to look at your business approach, a free one-hour consultation, downloadable ebooks for free of his work, and the ability to look at testimonials from his previous clients.