The lawyer James Best New York Business Attorney is considered the highest reviewed, business and real estate attorneys in the state of New York. He didn’t get that name, and title for nothing. THis attorney strives for success, and has a superior satisfaction guarantee. He offers his very first consultation with you 100% free. He also has his first little business. Check the only one dollar! He then turns around and donates a dollar to the city meals organization in the state of New York, that focuses on feeding those in need, especially the elderly.

What makes the best New York business attorney stand out? What makes the lawyer James stand out is the lawyer James difference. That difference is that we will give you clear case updates, we will give you instant and direct access. He will provide you with clear, concise, and articulate communication. Will provide you with instant direct access, he gives you practical solutions, he’s 100% president and 100% focused on you. He understands that you really need to or are important which is why we are so intentional about listening to you and your specific needs. He is uniquely tailored. He will give you a solution that is unique and out of the box that’s not just a risk by doing it by the book lawyer.

What locations does the best New York business attorney serve? James has represented clients in cases in multiple states across the United States. He has served in federal court, state court, arbitration, mediation, he has stood before federal court, judges, federal court magistrates, state, court, judges, referees, arbitrators, and mediators. He has even represented clients in international disputes. The lawyer, James caters to you and serves you wherever you are. He is registered in New York, but helps people all around the United States, even the world.

Why did the best New York business attorney start a business? The lawyer James did not always want to be a business lawyer is not what he wanted to be with. He grew up after he graduated from high school and immediately went to school at Suny Albany for two years then transferred to university of Georgia and earned a bachelor of arts in Spanish literature. After he graduated from the University of Virginia he needed to be moved back to California. He sold educational books. He then moved back to New York to be with his family. He started law school in 1998 and there’s first year at Syracuse university of law then he transferred to Georgetown where he graduated in 2001. He has been practicing law ever since.

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The lawyer James, best New York business attorney, originally wanted to practice crude based law. In particular securities, he just wanted to push papers after three years of doing that he decided it wasn’t his thing and then he moved into a large corporation, bankruptcy and reconstructing group at that firm from there he was recruited to another big New York law firm, where he got his first case of being a New York litigator.

Why is the best New York business attorney the best service in the area? Sawyer James is the best in the area because he has transparent pricing. There’s no surprises. He will always know and approve what your fees are going to be he gives you insane and direct access you were always going to have an attorney that is ready for you with a text or phone call to give you a piece of mind, he gives you all the updates, instant and direct access, concise communication, and practical solutions. At the lawyer James we are hungry, we are transparent, and we think like you do!

What are the best ways to contact the best New York business attorney? The best way to contact the lawyer James is by phone number, you can fill out a form throughout the website, you can email, you can visit the location, you may message them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or rumble. At lawyer James we are here for you anytime, anywhere, anywhere.

When should you call the best New York business attorney?
You should call the lawyer James if you only do business. As entrepreneur magazine says “ hiring, a good lawyer, is crucial to any successful business” it doesn’t say it’s important, it does it say advisable, just that the option is crucial. Having a business attorney can save you so much money in the long run so many people think that they can do it themselves, or they just rely on their accounting for legal advice, and that ends up with losing a multi million dollar contract and spending around $100,000 in legal fees just to fix the problem. It is absolutely crucial to have a good attorney.

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