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More things someone should expect with best new york business attorney are getting your questions answered we can meet, however you’d like we can do the phone zoom or in person, we get to build a relationship with the business attorney, we review your account, cash flow and see what type of collection opportunities you may have. We can evaluate all of the deadlines or expiration or a renewal date and ensure that you have a system where we can go over your relationships with creditors. We can check your debt and see what we can do about reducing or just potentially organizing.

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The lawyer James best New York business attorney cares about giving back. He is highly rated. Business and real estate attorney in New York. Your first consultation with the lawyer James is free. That’s right you get up to one hour with James for free. It is crucial if you have not yet scheduled your no brainer, one dollar legal and business check up today you can call or fill out a form. Your dollar is then donated to an organization in New York called city meals and they feed the elderly.

The lawyer, James, best new york business attorney has published five paper bag pocket guides and one hardcover about thoughts and experiences throughout his life as a New York attorney. They are all available in an e-book form for free on the website. The first pocket guide as the power of one it’s called life in business after Covid lockdown nine timeless tips on how to Emerge and thrive. The second pocket guide book a small business legal alert, 13 survival tips for any small business.

The lawyer James best New York business attorney also has another pocket guide is the bullet proof contract. It’s nine tips for a rocksolid written contract. The next pocket guide is a Bud proof promissory note 10 things you didn’t know to have the perfect promissory note. He also has the pocket guy dominate your adversary seven rules for dominating or adversity in a business dispute. Then the next pocket guide is five business litigation debunked. The next pocket guide we have is 11 easy steps, maximize your position of leverage in a business dispute by following these 11 easy steps, and finally his book, the business edge, the truth about resolving business disputes.

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