Well the lawyer James has aggressively represented both plaintiffs and defendants in business disputes for over 15 years. He has not always wanted to be a New York business attorney. He is the oldest child of three, his mother was a I’ll make her up until high school, she homeschooled his two younger brothers for several years. She now teaches swimming lessons in Manhattan and has a licensed massage therapist. His father was a Residential home builder who put him and his brothers to work at a very young age. Had color-coded tasks that they had to accomplish from taking out the trash, to washing the dishes, to vacuuming had color-coded tasks that they had to accomplish from taking out the trash, to washing the dishes, to vacuuming and so on they were also advised to do a carpentry around the house, and they would go to jobsites and work. His father wanted him and his brothers , To have a understanding of the carpentry trade, so if anything that happened we would only have to rely on ourselves for shelter. His parents his parents had a very good head in their shoulders. Growing up he never thought he’d be the best New York business attorney.

Hangup he played in the sports teams in middle school and high school he played football, basketball, and baseball. It was a lot of fun but he wasn’t very good at any of them. His parents had several boats so he had the opportunity to grow up being on the selling teams. He had a lots of different jobs from working in a fresh market, to being a carpenters helper to being a kitchen prep boy for local restaurants, to an estate caretaker, to being a waiter and a bartender, to running his own detailing business he has many attributes but he has not yet seen that he could be the best New York business attorney.

After graduating high school 19 anyone here immediately went College and studied at a university in Albany over two years before he transferred to the University of Virginia. He received his bachelors in arts in Spanish literature. He was very active in his community and would go out to travel and perform at a dozen or so locations each year with his Spanish theater group. When he graduated from the University of Virginia he immediately moved to California, this is where he started selling educational books door-to-door and he was in the 20% in terms of cells. He then soon after a recorded to the company for several months and then moved back to New York to be with his family. He started law school after his first year of law school e transferred to a different university law center, he graduated in 2001 and he has been practicing law in New York ever since.

When he first started going to high school he had no interest in being in court all you wanted to do is push paper out a big New York law firm he wanted to practice code-based law, securities law. After studying for a few years he decided that pushing paper like that was not really his thing. He got his first taste of becoming a New York litigator and this is how he has become an exceptional – the best New York business attorney.

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He is here to guide you every step of the way for the year process in and out of court. He will be able to keep you updated on every aspect of your case. He has good communication and will work around the clock to keep you informed. If you have any questions he’ll be able to get back to you as soon as possible. We want to make sure that our customers have an exceptional experience when working with the best New York business attorney. You don’t wanna just take our word for it but you would want to see it for yourselves you’ll be able to schedule your $1 hour phone call where all discussion and questions can be put on the table for answering. This will be the time to talk to him about with any concerns or questions that you have about your business. Whether it be copyrights, Private policy, terms of sale, and return policy what licenses you have or what licenses you could use.

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