Come get your free 1 hour consultation with lawyer James at the Best New York Business Attorney. Lawyer James is the highest rated and most reviewed business in real estate attorney in the entire state of New york. we are proud to help lots of clients achieve their goals and move in the direction they want to. here at lawyer James we are different than the rest because we have consistency in our services and we are consistently rated five stars. we assure you nothing less than a five-star experience is that what is what we have delivered in the past.

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the next thing that the Best New York Business Attorney is our to services that we offer here at lawyer James this This includes our Litigation Services as well as our real estate services. our litigation services are for pre litigation demands, complaints, answers, motions, discovery, trials, both state and federal trials. we involve everything with the courts and we help all parties work out whatever dispute is at hand. sometimes we can even resolve pre litigation disputes.

the next service we offer is our real estate Services which include a unique area of practice as real estate is a very unique realm of business and the world. often people can get caught up in sales disagreements when selling and purchasing real estate, and this can lead to Legal battles. we are here to help with those disagreements and legal battles. we can assure you that You will be receiving the highest level of service from us and we can help resolve disputes involving bidding wars and other disagreements when it comes to the sale of property in the state of New york. there are lots of Apartments and Townhomes for sale and people are always buying them up as Investments or places to live. real estate is a tricky realm of business and we are here to help you with it.

we love to talk to our clients so if you have any questions that we can answer for you, please never ever hesitate to give us a call at (212) 500-1891 where we can give you more information in details on our services and more about us over here at James lawyer. also check out our website at

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If you’re in the market for the top attorney or the Best New York Business Attorney in all of New York please look no further than the best New York business attorney over at lawyer James here in New york. we are the best out there and it does not even close as we are the top reviewed and highest rated out of all attorneys in New york. we differentiator ourselves by building strong relationships with our clients and truly helping them achieve their goals and help them out of disputes and really hoping them in any way we can.

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at the Best New York Business Attorney we really offer two main services. these Services include our Litigation Services as well as our real estate services. our Litigation Services we will help you with any business disputes that you may have and really help you to battle a case and help you achieve your goals and help you find solutions to your problems. we will try to help you out of any bad spots that you are in and truly care about you as our client. we will fight for you in court and we will involve at federal court and all state level courts as well.

we also offer our Real Estate Services which is our biggest and most unique thing about us here at lawyer james. our Real Estate Services are unique because real estate is a very unique realm of business and there are often at disputes going on. we can help you get out of any dispute or disagreement that you may find yourself in with others during the purchase or the sale of a piece of real estate. in a big city like new york, there are always apartments, townhomes, houses being sold and bought and this can often result in disagreements. there is always something that we can help you out with when it comes to real estate. there is something called bidding wars where multiple people are putting in bids at different times and it causes disputes to happened very often.

if you have any more questions on our services and or why we are the best attorney in all of New York, or you would like to know more about our services or more about us, give us a call at (212) 500-1891 so we can give you more information and details. also go ahead and check out our website and schedule a free consultation at