Today you can schedule a free one-hour consultation with the best New York business attorney. james j. decristofaro Isn’t New York’s highest and most reviewed business in real estate attorney. He has proven to have a very prolific career as he is not only a very successful attorney but also is author and podcaster. The lawyer James guarantees Superior Service over the other Elite New York law firms. James has been seen on several media Networks and recognized nationally for his work. The lawyer James has consistently proven to his New York clientele that he is committed to being better than the rest and more transparent throughout the law process than his peers.

James J. DeCristofaro is a very experienced New York lawyer and has been able to identify the common characteristics and other lawyers that he wants to avoid in his practice. A typical lawyer usually keeps their clients in the dark, is non-responsive, legalizes and confuses their clients with law talk, over lawyer, expensive, impractical Solutions, focus on everything but you, and have a herd mentality.Lawyer James is different because he won’t keep you up-to-date with your case give you an instant indirect access line so you can get all your questions answered, offers clear, concise, and articulated communication, provides practical Solutions, visit and focused on you, and uniquely tailored solution and out of box thinking when it comes to your situation.

This lawyer is the best New York business attorney because he has a very prolific law career as well as writing 8 books and hosting a podcast. He has been featured on several media Outlets throughout the country. These Outlets include Netflix, the doctors, New York Post, Fortune, travel weekly, the New York Times, law 360, business talk radio, Fremont Tribune, the John Whitmer show, thrive time show, Tulsa World, and He has written several books in a series he calls pocket guides. These pocket guides include titles of the business Edge, 11 easy steps, 5 business litigation myths debunked, dominate your adversary, the bullet proof promissory note, the bulletproof contract, small business legal alerts, and The Power of One.

The lawyer James has disputed business Play Just and defendants for over 15 years and has provided results for his clients. He has resolved over 100 million dollars in business disputes.He has been featured in The Press for his 65 million dark case reported in travel weekly and his 95 million-dollar case documented on a Netflix documentary. James is a high-profile New York lawyer that is passionate about helping people. He was also featured in the doctors and the New York Post for his $500,000 case.

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For those in need of a good attorney, the best New York business attorney is now offering a one-hour free consultation. If you are looking for legal counsel, the lawyer James will be able to help you in whatever situation you are in. He has over 15 years of experience in real estate and litigation Rob. Not only is he a very successful attorney, he also is an acclaimed author and podcaster. He has been hosted on some of the nation’s largest media outlets for his work in lawsuits. He has written over 8 books that have helped people all over the world.

James J. Decristofaro Has become the best New York business attorney due to his artist approach towards his clients and going against the grain of classic New York Lawyers. He goes the extra mile to provide a direct communication line with him so that all of his clients could get all of their questions answered. This is not common practice in law, especially in New York.He is currently offering two of his books free in ebook form. These two books are downloadable from his website and are titled for bullet proof contract, and dominate your adversary.

This best New York business attorney wrote the book The bulletproof contract which is now available for free eBook download. This book discusses the reality that many business people try to write their own law contracts and end up hurting themselves down the road. This book will give individuals that want to go that route a better outline of how to go about the process. This will take you through 9 tips of a rock-solid written contract to help you minimize your losses down the road. The other book he is offering free for eBook download is David at your adversary. This book instructs people on how to dominate their adversaries when it is necessary in business disputes. Facebook is not for the faint of heart and will teach you what to do and what not to do when you have to take the gloves off.

The lawyer James has reached High Acclaim for his work in litigation and real estate law as well as his writings and podcast. He has been featured on some of the nation’s most recognized works and Publications. These include Netflix, the doctors, New York Post, Fortune, travel weekly, the New York Times, law 360, business talk radio, Fremont Tribune, the John Whitmer show, DriveTime show, Tulsa World, and Some of the topics these Publications discussed was one of his 65 million-dollar cases reported in travel weekly, and 95 million-dollar case documented in a Netflix documentary, and a $500,000 case featured on the doctors and the New York Post.

If you are in need of a good attorney, please visit the lawyer James’s website where you can learn more about his story and career. If you would like to speak on the phone with a representative you can call this (212) 500-1891 to book your free one-hour consultation via phone. while you are on his website, check out his about page and testimonials to hear from previous clients. You can also connect with him on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and more.