Are you looking for the best New York business attorney? Look no further! New York’s highest and most reviewed business and real estate attorney is the lawyer James. Lawyer James has over 100 million resolves a business disputes. Starting at the bottom as a paper pusher, to working his way to the top of all the lawyers in New York. Which by the way is probably the hardest area to become a lawyer in. That’s oversaturated. But there is always a need for good fair lawyers. Not exactly what James the lawyer is. James is the best of the best.

James has been practicing law in New York 2001 after his graduation, so he may become the attorney. Although he didn’t want to be in court had no interest in court. He actually wanted to practice coping small particular securities law. But he started bottom and as he worked his way up from being a paper pusher he got tired of it. He moved to a large corporate bankruptcy and reconstruction group at the same firm. After that he was recruited to a mother big New York law firm.

The Lawyer James has worked his way up, creating services, subscriptions, books, and a podcast. Trying to widen his platform. James has helped resolve over 100 million business disputes, earning the title best New York business attorney. With his success, he’s offering one free hour consultation. With this consultation you’ll get clarity and transparency from him. You can discuss this with structure and registration authority. You could discuss contracts and agreements staffing how you hire and fire your employees. You could discuss all of the trademarks and copyrights and if you don’t have any way you license or want to license or cook license. He could help with deadlines and much much more.

Being the best New York business attorney was not done overnight. He is still working consistently and revisits his attorney training system monthly. He guarantees superior service. He’s present and focused on you and what you have to say about your business and your contracts. The lawyer James has practical solutions to help solve your legal issues. He has steps and advice with your certain goals that in mind. All of these solutions are tailored to what you and your business need individually. The lawyer James is not a do it by the book lawyer. He’s created an instant and direct access for his clients to use. He’s wrote books creating ideas for not just as clients but anyone can have access to. James has a very motivated idea of how he wants the future to look for his business to serve your businesses.

As an attorney, most are not up to par. They tend to keep you in the dark, their unresponsive, confusing and complicated speech that a normal person can understand, and practical solutions, and more. But with the lawyer James, you are guaranteed so much material, advice, goals, case updates, instant and direct access, clear communication, and practical solutions that are tailored to your business needs. So feel free to give him a call at 212 – 500 – 1891.

Best New York Business Attorney

Are you looking for an attorney that is up-to-date and has something modern to offer? The lawyer James the best New York business attorney around. A local New Yorker has become New York’s highest and most viewed business and real estate attorney. He is solved over 100 million business disputes. He’s created a podcast and an instant and direct access to his services. You can always have access to an attorney with him via text or phone call to give you peace of mind. He has transparent pricing, so there will be no surprises, you will always know what to prove of the fee structure that he sends you. He also has several books on his website giving you tips and rules to help you with your business, contracts, or just your mindset.

Being the best New York business attorney, the lawyer James has also came up with a no-brainer one dollar legal and business checkup offer. The one dollar that is used for this will be donated to a small local charity here in New York. They help feed those in need in New York City, especially the elderly. it’s a great program the James continues to donate to. This no-brainer legal and business checkup offer is something that other lawyers do not offer for this price at all. It’s a continuous money pit with other lawyers. It would be a shame to turn down one dollar legal and business checkup for your business.

The lawyer James has come up with several different solutions for his clients when concerning contact information and possibilities. All the way from email to video call and text, James will have you covered however he can to get with your business going with you. Communication is important to lawyer James. Being transparent is very him necessary for him to be the attorney. Your time is valuable and that is why James has made an efficient and yet modern way of keeping you in communication. Everything that James has made is literally at the touch of your fingers. no longer having to go in person to the office every single trip..

In the lawyer James books he continually gives advice tips and rolls to help you run your business, make contracts, and more. In one of his bulletproof contract book, he gives nine tips for rock solid written contract plus bonus inside. James gives you free information when he doesn’t have too. Other lawyers continue to bill you continuously outrageous amounts of money. Stacking up your debt to the ceiling. To avoid the debt altogether James has put together these books to help you.

The best New York business attorney guaranteeing superior service is the one attorney that has modernized his way of running his business. The lawyer James has a diverse client base that he helps with his training system designed to deliver superior legal service. If you’re finding yourself ever needing a business attorney, the lawyer James is definitely the one you should be calling in your time of need for your business or contracts for your business. He can meet all your needs. Give him a call at 212 – 500 – 1891 or visit him at