The lawyer James actually has a unique background as a child born in 1973 in Southampton New York to a local family he never imagined people would be aiming to Find Best New York Business Attorney with his name in mind. James actually had a very interesting upbringing; he refers to his parents as being similar to hippies, very easy going and very loving with a light spirit. He was even found living in a camper on the beach most summers and when asked to leave by local police from the beaches they would just hop on over to another. James did not actually plan on becoming an attorney till later in life.

When most people try to Find Best New York Business Attorney James is one of the first names that comes to mind in New York. Believe it or not though James did not plan on becoming a New York business attorney he actually went to school to In Virginia where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Literature. That is totally the opposite of becoming a business attorney in New York wouldn’t you agree? That amongst many other things, such as cooking or door-to-door sales, were some of the Off the Wall professions James attempted to try out prior to being invited to a large New York Law Firm.

Maybe asking when exactly did James become a business attorney, well James did graduate from Law School in 2001 and he’s been practicing in New York since then. James knew it could be hard to Find Best New York Business Attorney, so after graduating he decided that he was going to practice code base law in particular Securities Law but that did not work out for James. At this point James was invited to his first big New York law firm, and then another, and James was hooked.

As you can see James did spend most of his childhood growing up in New York but he did not have plans exactly to be a business attorney when he was younger. Nor was anyone around him in that profession growing up so he did not have that as an example. His background makes him stand out from the rest of New York’s business attorneys. This is just one of the many reasons why you should use James today and how his upbringing differs from the others can give him a step ahead.

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