The lawyer, James, a New York business attorney is the highest rated most reviewed real estate and business attorney. He has a superior satisfaction guarantee he has worked on cases all over the United States. The lawyer, James, is so confident that he gives you your very first consultation, 100% free. That’s right, you get one hour with the lawyer James to ask all the questions and get all the advice that you need in an hour.

How does a New York business attorney give back? The lawyer James gives back by donating 100% profit from every new legal business check appointment he does. The charity the lawyer, James, gives back to is called city meals on wheels. It feeds those in need, especially elderly New Yorkers. They deliver meals and warm smiles to homebound, elderly in NYC. They make sure that no elderly New Yorker is ever forgotten. 30% live below poverty line and struggle on a fixed incomes city meals ensures a home delivery meal. They don’t have to choose between affording, food, medicine or rent.

What can I expect from a New York business attorney? You can expect from the lawyer, James up to one hour, legal and business consultation with a business attorney there you get to review your business structure, your business, registrations, and business authority. We then go over your contract and agreements. From there, we review staffing, relationships, your recruiting process, your hiring process, your firing process, your employee, evaluation process, your current employee, handbook and policy manual, your police rights, wage in overtime, compliance, and employee agreements. Then we go over independent contractor agreement, and the classification requirements.

What is next from a New York business attorney? The lawyer jams also goes over intellectual property, any of your trademarks and copyrights and if you don’t have any what you license or want to license or even could license. We then go over your website, terms of use, privacy policy, return policy, and the terms of sales. We like to talk about your relationship with the landlord, any of your vendors, and your buyers would like to go over relationships with your creditors to see what your debt looks like, talk about reducing debt or just potentially re-organizing it. We will evaluate your deadline to expiration and renewal dates. You have to have a system you don’t want to miss those days.

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The lawyer, James, a New York business attorney, has a superior satisfaction guarantee. With the lawyer James, you were guaranteed to be happy. lawyer, James cares and gives back. The lawyer, James, donates to city meals, a journey in New York, that helps feed the elderly. He is so confident you’ll be satisfied that he offers his first consultation for free! That’s right, 100% free! He also has a no-brainer deal where your first legal business check up is only one dollar. You can call or visit our website today to get booked.

What is a New York business attorney? The lawyer, James, practices, commercial law and litigation, business, litigation and business law. James is headquartered in New York, New York, lawyer, James has aggressively represented both sides and business disputes for over 15 years to get guaranteed results for his clients. He has resolved over $100 million in business disputes. James has also represented clients in many states across the United States. He has been in federal court, state court, arbitration, mediation, federal court magistrates, and state court judges.

What does a New York business attorney work on? Lawyer, James works on transactional documents, including but not limited to information documents, like limited liability, company, operation agreements, trade, secret agreements, articles of incorporation, confidentiality agreement, bylaws, purchase and sale documents Bostock an asset work for hire agreements, employee agreements, consulting agreement, just about every business or commercial agreement out there. The lawyer, James has also represented clients in industry sectors including technology, telecommunications, subprime, lending, social media, apparel, cosmetics, fashions, sports, entertainment, agriculture, real estate, airline, medical, construction, import export, nonprofit, food and beverage, restaurant, transportation, security, household goods, diamond, manufacturing and distribution, household goods, large scale, manufacturing example, like a helicopter and oil, pipeline support riggs , retail and financial.

As an experienced New York business attorney he intimately knows how to navigate through the dispute resolution process to most effectively and efficiently, give you the best results possible for your particular set of circumstances. The lawyer James can help you free up time to spend with your family, and you can focus on running and growing in your business. Lawyer James can help you get answers from business partners, vendors, and other adversaries so you can have all the information you need to operate your business and make the best decision to resolve your business dispute.

Visit us online today at to go over testimonials, check out our reviews, look at our resources, find out more about us, learn more about all of our services we offer to check out our socials listen to a podcast or download an ebook. You can also find a lot of them online to schedule your very first 100% free consultation. We also offer a legal business check for only one dollar for your first time. We’d like to get back with you by donating that dollar to city meals to help and feed the elderly. Call us today at 2125001891 to schedule your free consultation, to schedule your legal business, check, or for any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.