james j. Decristofaro Is it New York business attorney with a Avvo rating of 10.0 making him a top attorney. Right now he is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a free one-hour consultation with a top New York City lawyer. The lawyer James is the highest and most reviewed business and real estate attorney in New York. He has been featured in some of the most nationally recognized networks and publications And strives to be different from most big time New York attorneys. Not only is he a very successful lawyer, he is also a prolific writer and podcast host.

Lawyer James the New York business attorney that has worked in a very comprehensive list of Industries. These include but are not limited to subprime lending, social media, apparel, fashion, Cosmetics, Entertainment, Sports, agriculture, real estate, medical, Airline, construction, import-export, nonprofit, food and beverage, manufacturing and distribution, restaurant, Transportation, Diamond, Security, household goods, large-scale manufacturing, retail, and Financial. The LawyerJames has the most experience in litigation law and is therefore capable to advise you on any situation you may be in.

Ever since he began his career as a New York business attorney, he has received National Acclaim from his work She has been featured on that works in Publications such as a Netflix documentary, a episode of a doctors, New York Post, Fortune, travel weekly, the New York Times, law360, business talk radio, Fremont Tribune, the John Whitmer show the thrive time show, Tulsa World, and wgmd.com. Some of these have been due to his 65 million-dollar case, 95 million-dollar case, and $500,000 case involving a very interesting Casino event. Even through all this success, he is still passionate about helping you and meeting you where you are in any situation you might be in.

Right now, the lawyer James is offering a $1 legal and business check up for anyone needing legal advice. This is compatible for individuals and businesses and will include review of contracts, review of business structure, stopping relationships, independent contractor agreement, intellectual property, accounts receivable in cash flow, discussing your litigation M, reviewing your relationship with creditors and landlords, reviewing your debt, and much more depending upon what you need. This will take place in a one-hour consultation.This is a very good opportunity for those who have been looking for legal advice but did not know where to start. All of these $1 payments will be donated to a charity in New York that gives food and meals to poor elderly people.

If you would like to learn more about the services that the lawyer James offers or would like to learn more about him and his career, please visit his web https://thelawyerjames.com/ where you can see and learn much more about him and his Services. While on the website, you can look at the testimonials page to hear from his previous clients. You can also connect with him on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

New York Business Attorney | Most Reviewed

Having a New York business attorney has proven to be a very useful asset in our nation’s history. Today, you can schedule a free consultation with one of the top New York Lawyers James J. Decristofaro. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most people to receive the best law advice you can find for absolutely free.Lawyer James Prides himself on being different from most New York Lawyers from the way he lived his life to the way he approaches his clients and their situations. Is also an author and podcast host with a prolific media career.

the lawyer James is a New York business attorney that has received High Acclaim throughout his career based on his success in law and the content that he has made for those looking for help.It is most common for New York attorneys to keep their clients in the dark by being non-responsive and non-communicative. They have a reputation of legalizing and confusing their clients by using lawyer talk and jargon. They offered delivery over lawyer, expensive, and impractical Solutions that end up not helping at all. They tend to be focused on everything but their client by carrying a herd mentality that leads to monotonous and nonexistent advice.

The lawyer James is a New York business attorney that stands against this and takes an entirely new approach. The lawyer James Prides himself on a high level of communication by giving case updates regularly to his clients and allowing them instant indirect access to him personally so they can get any questions they have answered. He provides clear, concise, and articulate communication so that the client is never confused. He also provides practical Solutions and is always present focused on you, the client. All of his services are very uniquely tailored by looking at your situation and thinking outside of the box to come up with a solution. You always will find out that our people are ready to do the very best for you.

The lawyer James has written 1 full length book titled Is it business Edge: the truth about resolving business disputes. He has also written a mini series of 7 smaller books that advise people that do not have the opportunity of legal advice to navigate their own way. He created this because he has seen so many people take their law careers in their own hands and it led to mishaps and confusion in the following years.The lawyer James is on a mission to end this for those who truly have the best of intentions when running their own business.

If you are interested in learning more about the lawyer James, his story as a lawyer, or the services that he offers, please visit his web https://thelawyerjames.com/ where you can learn more about his services in depth and read about his books. If you would like, you can call this number (212) 500-1891 in order to connect with a representative that can answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction towards getting your first free consultation for 1 hour with the lawyer James.