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A little more about the lawyer James is that they are more than knowledgeable in a wide array of business and commercial agreements, which Is one of the many reasons why James is one of the best New York Business Attorneys. He will know how to properly navigate each and every inquiry he has and resolve your dispute with the utmost respect and efficiency as he has shown previously. The best tools, procedures and mechanisms will be used in order to resolve your business dispute and maximize the best outcome possible.

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The lawyer James is more than familiar with the aspects of a small business and how it’s run he understands that you can have more than what you bargained for on your plate and that he is here to help you clear it. Now, if you do need assistance services such as litigation or real estate we do have you covered in both. Go ahead and check out our website for more information on exactly how the lawyer James compares to your other local business attorneys. The most major difference is of course most typical attorneys are expensive and provide you extremely impractical solutions that when we end up costing you more in the long run.

Now of course the best information you can get comes directly from the source which would be previous clients so if you do one of your testimonials do not be afraid go ahead and check them out at From here you can go ahead and select media and then testimonials to view Previous client testimonials regarding their experiences with the lawyer James. I also have a podcast or you can connect with me on Facebook Twitter YouTube and Rumble. Now don’t forget to take advantage of our $1 Legal and Business Review as this does gain you up to an hour with a certified New York business attorney to discuss your dispute by calling (212) 500-1891.

New York Business Attorney | Why The Lawyer James Is Best

Something even more impressive about this New York Business Attorney is their thorough knowledge of many aspects that come as an attorney. James has even written his own books recounting his knowledge and Lessons Learned as a business attorney. Of course all of these can be reviewed on our website under books and pocket guides. James is more than willing to provide excellent help and communication to resolve your dispute. And if you want to see this for yourself you can go ahead and watch any client testimonials given to James on his website under media, and then testimonials. James truly believes that your legal issues can be solved with practical action steps and advice targeted specifically to your needs and goals.

Due to James being such a prominent New York Business Attorney, he can be found representing high profile clients in cases. Honesty is one of James top priorities and you can review any in the Press clients are cases that have been represented in the past. Any clients or cases featured in the news or press can be found on my website as well with his take on the information presented in the Press.

James is solely a New York Business Attorney, though he has represented many clients in cases throughout the United States and state courts, federal courts, before federal court judges and even more. Amongst these clients they come from extremely varying backgrounds such as technology import export nonprofits manufacturing and more. James truly is experienced in many sectors and walks of life when it comes to being a business attorney and ultimately knows how to properly navigate most in all disputes relating to business and litigation.

Believe it or not James did not pursue business attorney law at first. After graduating he assumed that he would be attempting to move into the code-based law sector in particular Securities Law with little to no interest in being in a court. However little by little James was recruited to a large New York law firm where they got their first litigation case and from there they decided a business attorney was the best Pursuit.

Now don’t forget you can learn a lot more about James on his website at under About. You can check out both services offered between litigation and real estate, as well as all of his books, podcasts and social media. And if you are in fact interested in that $1 offer for a legal and Business Review at this time go ahead and give us a call 212-500-1891 or you can fill out a nice neat little form on under contact us just enter your name, email, and phone number and then select that you want legal and Business review.