If you are looking for a real estate attorney New York, look no further than James J. Decristofaro because he has been one of the most highly acclaimed lawyers in the state. He is currently the top rated in highest reviewed attorneys in the state of New York.He has an a video rating of 10.0 making him a top attorney.He has been recognized in some of the most nationally known media Outlets, that works, and publications. Not only is he a very successful lawyer but also a prolific author and podcast host. He takes pride in the fact that he sticks out amongst other New York Lawyers because he takes a completely different approach.

This real estate attorney New York was born in Southampton New York In the early 70s. Now, he has over 15 years of experience in litigation and real estate law. He was born to a local family with two younger brothers and his father who was a home builder and city planner. At a young age, James went to work with his young Brothers as a carpenter. His dad had a chore chart for them to accomplish that looks very much so like so long before it was invented. James has made sure that he knew how to work when he was old and succeeded in that mission.

He is not interested in the street cred of being a real estate attorney New York. He is here to serve people that need legal play spice. Therefore, he operates at a high communication level at a stark contrast from other New York Lawyers. Most New York Lawyers shut off their clients by not having a clear communication line with them, using too much legal jargon and confusing them, making them feel confused and not letting them ask questions, and overall keeping them in the dark by being non-responsive. However, the lawyer James is the exact opposite of this. He prioritizes communication overall when working with any client both small and large. He is passionate about having a clear and concise communication line that clients can communicate with him directly through.

James has seen such success in his career because of his attitude towards helping people and what it means to be a lawyer. His real estate services are pretty cut and dry and get to the point. There are no extra fees or hidden time. He has very transparent pricing that will present a clear-cut path to the client for approval before work is done. Therefore, he has become a very trustworthy litigator in real estate law in the state of New York.

If you would like to take advantage of this very unique opportunity of working with one of the top lawyers in New York, please visit his web https://thelawyerjames.com/ where you can learn more about his story, the details of his services, and read more about his career. If you would like to speak with a representative, then please (212) 500-1891 to speak with someone who can answer all the questions you may have concerning these services or James himself. You can also connect with him on social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

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Those in need of a real estate attorney New York or looking for legal advice from a litigation lawyer New York, then look no further than James J. decristofaro. the lawyer James brings over 15 years of experience in litigation and real estate law. He understands that. Everybody has access to law advice and looks to change that by offering free one-hour consultations to anyone that needs legal advice. He does not buy into the Allure of being a New York lawyer, he takes an entirely different approach. This approach and attitude has led him into high esteem and great recognition from some of the most prominent and recognized networks and Publications in the country.

The lawyer James is a real estate attorney New York that has aggressively represented both defendants and plaintiffs in business disputes for over 15 years and has elicited a lot of results for his clients. Although he has a great attitude as far as the importance of client-lawyer communication, he is a very aggressive litigator and does produce results for all of his clients. He is not here to make you feel better about yourself, he is here to help you and get things done. He was born to a father in Southampton New York who owned a house building company and made him work as a carpenter at a very young age.

This real estate attorney New York has been featured onPublications such as Netflix, the doctors, New York Post, Fortune, travel weekly, the New York Times, law360, business talk radio, Fremont Tribune, the John Whitmer show, thrive time show, Tulsa World, and wgmd. Calm. He has achieved High esteem for a few different lawsuits that he has served as the litigator. These include a 65 million-dollar trial, a 95 million-dollar trial, and a $500,000, that had a particularly interesting story. This involved a couple that went to a casino and won $500,000 but the boyfriend took the money and broke up with her. However, they registered the money in the social security number of the girlfriend so she was being held responsible for the taxes.

If you decide to work with the lawyer James, you will be receiving regular case updates through an instant and direct access communication line with the lawyer. You will also be receiving clear, concise, and articulate communication so that you can understand and follow along with your situation. You also provide you with practical Solutions while being present and focus on you and only you. This will lead to a uniquely tailored legal experience as you will be able to think together and work with him to think outside the box and improve your situation.

If you’re interested in learning more about the lawyer James or the services that he offers, please visit his website https://thelawyerjames.com/ or give him a call at (212) 500-1891 where you can speak with a representative that will be able to answer any questions you may have about details of services, or anything else. Please feel free to check out the website on their testimonials page to hear from previous clients and see reviews from their story. You can also connect with them on social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.