No matter what type of real estate transaction you are trying to do it is very important to hire a real estate attorney New york. this is going to ensure that you are protected from outside parties such as the ones you are dealing with. people can try and give you the short end of the stick and screw you over. This is why having a third party such as an attorney can be very beneficial because it can identify the attacks before it even happens. And is there a job to make sure that your legal rights are protected or this can come back on their part.

Our real estate attorney New York with Lawyer James is a very trained professional in real estate agent. they have dealt with any problem you could think of whether this is selling a home all the way to somebody selling fraud information. This can save you a lot of money and time if you address problems or catch them before they happen. People are like families and we’re trying to sell you big Deeds to a property or home. This is considered fraud and our attorneys have a trained eye to point these types of problems out to you and are interested.

Even though all states do not require a real estate attorney, New York, 25% of the United States does require you to have an attorney through any real estate transaction. So if you are constantly in real estate and doing transactions, it is important to come and build the connection and personal relationship with our office. we are going to make sure to be the first to represent you and get you the most efficient answers. We are going to give you all of the advice you need in our lives. We are always open for you if you have any questions about your ongoing case.

Our attorneys are very educated in this field. This is why they can help you through the entire process if you are confused and not sure about how to conduct a sale or transaction. or they can simply just be the facilitator if you were to stay. Either way it is up to you we will be here to answer any questions you might have and provide you with insight and detail. If you conduct a sale and do not have an attorney, problems arise and it is brought to the court you could be held liable.

don’t wait until you are in. We will travel to contact our office and help you get out of it. You can prevent any of this from happening and make the whole process easier on you by just contacting our office and getting one of our top representatives to be your attorney. We would love to answer any questions you might have about our services at (212) 500-1891. Our phone number is available at your convenience, we also provide a website for any additional information you may need at We look forward to building a relationship with you and getting your money in your pocket.

Real Estate Attorney New York | Commercial Real Estate

If you are involved in commercial real estate then you are definitely going to need an experienced real estate attorney New York from the James Law firm. This can be a tricky and complicated process compared to other forms of real estate such as residential. it is definitely necessary to have an attorney with you during any commercial transaction no matter what. even though Most states require it anyway, if your state does not take the initiative to hire one. We will give you the best representation in the entire city of New York and serve you results.

There are so many factors in commercial real estate transactions that nearly almost require a real estate attorney New york. There are so many different zoning ordinances and laws that you have to keep your eye out for when purchasing or buying a property. This is why we have our attorneys trained and ready to spot these out at any second for your convenience. It is our job to do due diligence and legal research to make sure that everything is up to standards and Your best interest is a heart. We make sure that we check every back door to get you the best deal in the city.

Our real estate attorney New York Went to school for a really long time to learn law and real estate. they have high negotiating skills and can when you do any deal within reason. they can persuade the other party to lower their price or to pay you more on your listing. This can offer you more incentive and make you more money than you would have by making the deal by yourself to find it.

Our lawyers are going to make a personal package for you and your needs. This way they are organized and know exactly what you want and not constantly calling you asking questions and for information. Our team is very professional and ready to move at any second for your benefit. It is our job to make sure that the process is fair to everyone in that there is no Shady or corrupt activities going on during the sale. It is our interest to protect you at all costs and make sure that your Investments are safe and sound.

we are expecting a call from you at your convenience. We want to provide you with our office phone number (212) 500-1891 so we can answer any questions that you have or I can get you set up with a free consultation in our New York office. Until then we encourage you to visit our website where you can see all of the cases that we have worked on and the books we have provided on real estate. We are excited to begin this journey with you to present you with the best legal advice in the city.