Are you needing a Real Estate Attorney New York with a restrictive covenant? The lawyer James is the right person that you’ll need to talk. He is extremely qualified. He is New York’s highest most business and real estate attorney. He has a great rating of 10.0 with AVVO. James has helped solve over 100 million business disputes. His services range from his services range from legation to real estate and so much more in between. But as a lawyer James has an immense amount of knowledge for real estate. And I’m here wondering what a restriction covenant is.

Restrictive covenant is an agreement when you purchase Real Estate Attorney New York to use the property as stated in the contract from seller. Such as the seller may not want the property use as a business residence. The agreement could be to refrain from using the home as a business. A restrictive covenant is an condition that restricts limits prohibits or prevents the actions of someone named in an enforceable agreement. It is legal binding. You will need a real estate attorney in New York for this to be removed or obtained.

A real estate attorney New York, such as the lawyer James, can help you make an application to the upper tribunal asking for the covenant to be discharged or modified to better fit your needs. Of course asking doesn’t always go over the way we want. That is why it’s always important to the higher a real estate attorney for this. An attorney can fight this more civilly and legally than the average person can. If the covenant restriction broken you can possibly have to pay a fine. No one wants to pay a fine. James can help you avoid that.

Maybe you’re wanting to put a restrictive covenant on land they are selling your house. Your selling it for a reasonable price but you do not want to attract buyers that will bring in old trailer houses for junk cars. You can put a restrictive covenant on your land that you sell or prevent certain things being on the land. When the restrictive covenant is in effect and the buyer does not follow what is legally binding. It can lead to a disaster. Restrictive covenant is meant to sometimes help property taxes from falling. It keeps your property at a higher selling rate. Having a real estate attorney in New York that can help you with all of these things can be a serious help.

Letter what real estate needs are for a restrictive covenant, the lawyer James can help you. He will let you know what is reasonable for you whether you the buyer. There’s a lot that goes in the real estate that when he thinks about, restrictive covenants. So he can best help you. Whether you have broken a restrictive covenant or you wish to create one. Places have a restrictive covenant as an agreement is mostly in HOAs. If you like to get in touch with the lawyer James for restrictive covenant, you can call him at 212 – 500 – 1891 or check out his website at

Real Estate Attorney New York| Entitlements

Do you need a real estate attorney New York for entitlements? Real estate entitlement is an approval to develop on a property that use that is specific. It involves an extensive legal process to receive approval. The developer would need an entitlement to develop property into a business complex in certain locations. But sometimes there can be reasons why it would not be approved. Hence you would need a real estate attorney to help you with your entitlement. The best real estate attorney is the lawyer James. He is been working in real estate for 15 years. His mother also worked in real estate as an agent, while his father was a general contractor.

When you try to get an entitlement there are a set of things that need government approval, such as zoning, density, design, use, and occupancy permits. James being a real estate attorney New York is an amazing opportunity. He has the knowledge to help you with any of these. For example zoning. Zoning is a set of marsupial laws or regulations that govern how a property can and cannot be used in the specific geographic locations. Zoning has been used both as a tool to build sites and as an exclusionary practice to keep neighborhoods towns and cities radically and economically divided.

Your real estate attorney New York will tell you they will also need to finding find the density of the real estate property. In urban areas one way to organize urban development is to keep track of building density the building the city’s definition as a way to determine the concentration of buildings in a given geographic area. But if a 10 acre suburb contains 30 single-family houses the house density is three dwelling units per acre if the population is for people for Elsa population density per acre is 12.

Your attorney will also tell you that you really need occupancy permits. And occupancy permit is a document that says a building is safe to be lived in. Many states require occupancy permits. It’s a certificate of occupancy a legal document that proves they structure such as a house or office building is safe to inhabit. Your lawyers going to want you to have the best entitlement that you can have and he will tell you with transparency how this will go. Your lawyer will also want to know what the property use is. Meaning of the intended functions of, or activities that will take place on a temporary or ongoing basis on, or in respect to any of the parcel or element of real property that is part of the property.

You can get an entitlement yourself. Or you can get entitlement with the best New York lawyer with qualifications out the roof. The lawyer James is the best real estate attorney in New York. His work is impecible. you wont be disappointed. give him a call at 212-500-1891 or you can visit his website and get more information on what all the lawyer James does. At