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Top New York Business Attorney | Transparent Lawyer

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t. An example of this is when an attorney intentionally misrepresents the strategy to the client as a strategy that takes the client down a path of enormous fees and an unbearable time suck when the client’s only interest is to resolve the litigation and be done with this. A real life example of this happening is when a new client told me that his former attorney ran up over $230,000 in legal fees for a case that he wound up settling for a fraction of that. Let me be clear: it all depends on the goals of the client. I’ve had clients tell me they would rather pay me $100,000 than pay their adversary a dime. In those instances, the fees don’t matter to the client. In other instances, the fees do matter and when they do, a New York business of racking up fees, when the attorney knows the case could be resolved much sooner and for much less money.