If you’re looking for the Top New York Business Attorney ,James offers Litigation and real estate services. Litigation services are not limited to everything related to litigation , including pre litigation demands , complaints , answers trials anything you can think of that’s related to litigation james can cover it. Working both state and federal trials and appellate courts, James has quite a bit of knowledge in litigation from experience and years of being fully dedicated to his work. He is able to represent clients in mediation and arbitration as well. Being a New York business attorney offering litigation services which involves everything with the courts including New York state courts or even federal courts located in New York. James is one of the best attorneys out there with a great attitude.

No case is to big or to much for james. He knows all the ins and outs and can get you through any case as he is there with you through the process he is going to do all he can to take any or every bit of stress off of you. Being able to contact him directly is one of the benefits he offers seeing as you do not have to go through anyone to reach him and getting a direct answer for any question or concern you may have. James rather communicate with each client that way there is no confusion or left out information to the client and everyone can stay on the same page. Being able to contact him via email or by a phone call is easier for both sides. You don’t find that at many law firms is why he takes pride in dealing with you directly.

Top New York Business Attorney , Lawyer James offers more than one service . He also offers three different ways to pay , you will be set up with a payment plan that best suits you and your financial state. Having monthly subscriptions plans with three different price points and three different and cumulative sets of benefits we strive to have a plan that fits your needs. We want to give you the best pricing we possibly can while we work with you on your case. We can assure you that we want each client to be happy when choosing us so we do everything we can to make it less stressful for you.

Anything we can do to help . James offers a free one hour consultation to go over some of your questions you may have or concerns and to help get a better idea of your case. James would love to have you as a client and is ready to start working with you when you’re ready for the next step. Having someone you can rely on through the whole process to have great communication and a good attitude despite anything negative going on is something we take pride in

. We want to make this as easy as we can for you while we go through the case or trial. We always want the best outcome for you. https://thelawyerjames.com/ or call (212) 500-1891.




Top New York Business Attorney | Real Estate and Attorney

Trying to find the Top New York Business Attorney and someone who specializes in other work fields look no further James is your go to . He also offers real estate which he has years of experience, from growing up with a father who was a residential general contractor . A mother who obtained her real estate license later in her life. That opened me to both sides of the business. Always being around homes i got to see it all from building , selling , and buying homes i know quite a bit from seeing hand first at it all.

I’m up to date on all the laws and regulations when it comes to real estate and being a attorney. Are you looking to know the Top New York Business Attorney , look no further James is the best of the best. Always willing to set up a consult with you and to take any litigation case . We offer some of the best pricing and we also offer multiple ways of payment with three payment plans we strive to meet your financial needs as well as having more than one option for you to pay.

Choosing James you are starting to build a strong relationship with the best New York attorney. He has a few ways of setting up to meet. You get to choose what works for you and what makes it easier on you whether that is a zoom meeting , in person , or a simple phone call. We would love to have you as a client and helping you in any possible way we can . Giving you the option to choose which way you want the meeting to be held , is a way we help you to work around your daily life schedule.

When you’re trying to find the best attorney and have a million questions or concerns James will answer every single one, always having the best interest for you and your case . James has a great attitude and thrives off of helping any way he can . He wants to succeed in every case just as you do and is willing to put in the work and countless hours it takes to get there. No case is ever to big or much for james he is determined and will put in 110% effort through the entire course so you never have to worry if he is in it paying attention or if he has the intensions on winning the case. Give him a call today and start seeing how you’re going to be able to benefit from their incredible work today.

If this seems like a great fit for you feel free to contact us at https://thelawyerjames.com/ or call (212) 500-1891. Let us know what we can do to help or to best serve you any way we can we look forward to working with you.James J. DeCristofaro, Esq.
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