I’m going to go ahead and explain to you why James is the Top New York Business Attorney and how he really differs from the typical business attorney you may know already. With The Lawyer James you don’t have to worry about communication as James will always directly contact you and any of our attorneys will have consistent concise communication with you. Attorneys will also provide you with the most practical solution in order to resolve your dispute as quickly as possible. Don’t forget James also practices law for New York real estate which James describes as being completely different than most other fields.

As a Top New York Business Attorney James handles multiple fields Specifically litigation or real estate. Are you asking if your business is too big? it certainly is not James who handles any businesses large or small weather from the base of your home or a factory. you heard that right James handles extremely large multi-million dollar companies down to your neighborhood Baker. James is the very top for real estate and business legal disputes. James has even written a book over real estate so don’t forget to check that out on his website amongst many other resources he provides.

And if we have not convinced you already let me go ahead and tell you about our Legal and business check up which by the way that 100% of that dollar goes to a local charity referred to as Citymeals.org. This offer is definitely one of the reasons James is a Top New York Business Attorney. Within this offer you can have up to an hour with a New York business attorney to discuss any of your business needs such as structure registrations or authority. Don’t forget you can definitely schedule this online or give us a call today. We would love to show you exactly why we believe we are one of the best in New York.

We understand that you may need to talk to someone before assuming legal matters which is completely okay so go ahead and give us a call today or schedule your free consultation online. Do you need help licensing any intellectual property we have you covered? We can do that. Let’s also discuss your relationship with any creditors or lenders. Another one of the really cool things about our consultations is that we can meet you over the phone and in person or on Zoom which is secure. So if you are unable to leave your home that is completely fine just go ahead and give us a call today and we can meet you by Zoom or just over the phone.

James is continuously trying to expand his knowledge and his field of work and he enjoys it very much so he takes pride in his knowledge, with that we do guarantee Superior Service. If you don’t believe us, go ahead and check out our testimonials online. Our previous clients do speak for themselves. James is aware you may have heard of him via the public media and you can also review those cases yourself on our website thelawyerjames.com, or request a copy Of the court papers. So go ahead and set up your free consultation today and give us a call at 212-500-1891.

Top New York Business Attorney | All Our Resources

Most attorneys do not provide you an unlimited amount of resources for you personally to be able to learn the case you are about to take on, but of course James, a Top New York Business Attorney, provides exactly that and much more. all information within this article can be found on our website regarding any extra resources or books and social media we may have. Speaking of social media, you can find us on facebook, twitter, youtube, Rumble, and or just give us a call! Because of James well-rounded knowledge and representing plane tips and defendants he definitely has a view of both sides in the courtroom.

As stated previously, one of the reasons we are a Top New York Business Attorney firm is because of the large amount of resources we provide. Are you unsure of the complex verbiage found in the legal setting of a courtroom? That’s okay, you can actually find common questions under our website and answers via pre-recorded videos. So go ahead and check that out under media and then resources, while you’re on our website go ahead and check out our podcast as well since plenty of useful information is given on our podcast.

You might be thinking, is that all that makes James a Top New York Business Attorney? no certainly not James has also written many books Regarding common topics in his field. These are referred to as books and pocket guides; you can find all of them on our website. so tell us have you ever wondered how to make a perfect promissory note? we have you covered with a pocket guide to making ‘The Bulletproof Promissory Note! Amongst many other topics James is written about you can find all of them online along with our written articles and resources.

So go ahead and review our website today thelawyerjames.com to check out any of our books ,our podcast ,our social media, and all the wonderful information James has presented on his about page. We think these resources are definitely one of the main reasons James is a top New York business attorney today. He continuously strives to provide more resources for his clients, and whether you are a client or not you can find this information online actually. Don’t be afraid to go ahead and give us a call at 212-500-1891 for a $1 business and legal consultation which does allow you up to an hour with a New York business attorney.

If you want to learn more about James that is certainly fine you can go to his website, and select about. From here you can read about James’ childhood and how he became a prominent New York business attorney. you can also just reach out with any questions you may have or concerns. And to follow along with the latest updates from us you can follow one of our social medias!