James J. Decristofaro Is a top New York business attorney that will bring the biggest change to your legal situation. Right now he is offering a free one hour one-on-one Consulting call for anyone in need of legal advice. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those in need of legal advice as working with a top New York business attorney is a rare thing. The lawyer James is one of the top lawyers in New York and has had a very prolific year over 15 years. Not only is he a successful lawyer but also a writer and podcast host.

The lawyer James is a top New York business attorney that has received National Acclaim over his career for the work he has done in litigation and real estate law. He is most practiced in Commercial Business disputes. Over his career he has worked in several Industries including telecommunications, technology, subprime lending, social media, apparel, fashion, Cosmetics, Entertainment, Sports, agriculture, real estate, medical, are Line, Construction, import-export, nonprofit, food and beverage, manufacturing and distribution, restaurant, Transportation, Diamond, Security, household goods, large-scale manufacturing, retail and Financial.He has represented clients both nationally and internationally. If you call, it will be the best decision you can make.

No matter what legal advice you are seeking, the lawyer James is a top New York business attorney that can give you the best legal advice you can find. By offering a free one hour long Consulting meeting, the lawyer James is providing a huge opportunity for those in need of legal advice. The lawyer James has a passion for giving talk to your legal advice to those who could not afford it otherwise. He does not take the regular approach of most New York Lawyers. Most New York Lawyers are not very communicative and are not very intrigued by their clients. However, the lawyer James voice communication first when working with any client no matter how big or small.

The lawyer James has written several books including one folding a book and a mini series consisting of seven smaller books known as pocket guides. The names of these pocket guides are the power of 1 – life and business after covid-19, small business legal alert, the bulletproof contract – 9 tips for a solid written contract, the bullet proof promissory note – 10 things you need to know to have a perfect promissory note, dominate your adversary – 7 rules for dominating your adversary in a business dispute, 5 business litigation myths debunked, 11 easy steps – maximize your position and leverage in a business dispute by following these simple 11 steps. His folding book is titled the business Edge the truth about resolving business disputes.

If you would like to learn more about the lawyer James, his story, or the services he offers, please with his https://thelawyerjames.com/ or give him a call (212) 500-1891 to speak with a representative that can point you in the right direction as well as answer any questions you may have. While you are on the website, please visit the testimonials page where you can hear from previous clients and hear their stories.

Top New York Business Attorney | Bringing The Best

James J. Decristofaro Has always been a part of the conversation of top New York business attorney over his 15 years career. The lawyer James was born in New York and raised by a home builder. His father taught him how to work hard at a young age along with his two brothers when they were hired by his father’s company to work as Carpenters. This hard work has always stuck with him as he sticks out from other New York Lawyers with a high level of communication when serving any client and bringing the best service to clients big and small.

This top New York business attorney takes a different approach than most big time New York attorneys. He is tired of seeing New York Lawyers use their status to mistreat their clients and Purdue’s average results. The lawyer James seeks to have a high communication level with each of his clients to establish a clear path towards any legal action or advice. This greatly helps all of his clients as they are able to approve any advice that the lawyer James gives them before he does anything. Most lawyers are not like this, they do not give their clients a clear communication light. I do not answer any of their questions along the process.

Right now the lawyer James is a top New York business attorney offering a free one-on-one, 1 hour consultation meeting for anyone in need of legal advice. This is a huge opportunity for those who have needed legal Consulting but have not been able to afford it. Not only is he doing this but he will have consistent meetings with you for $1 where you will discuss all sorts of aspects of your personal and business life. 100% of these $1 fees will be going to a charity that he greatly admires. This charity gives food and meals to poor elderly people.

Not only is he humble in his Pursuit considering his success but he has also been featured on some of the most nationally recognized That works at Publications in the country. These include Netflix, the doctor is coming to your post, Fortune, travel weekly, New York Times, lot 360, business talk radio, Fremont Tribune, the John Wittner show, 5 time show Tulsa World, wgmd. Com. Even through all of the success he is passionate about helping everyone he can get through their legal situations.

If you are interested in learning more about the lawyer James or taking advantage of these Prime services, please with his web https://thelawyerjames.com/ work (212) 500-1891 where we’ll be able to answer any questions you have about their services or free accessibilities. You can also visit their website to see the testimonials page here for previous clients. You can also connect with him on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. James the lawyer is looking forward to working with you as he has a true passion for seeing you live your best life.