Are you searching for the top new your business attorney? Lawyers search may be over. The lawyer James is New York’s highest and most reviewed business and real estate attorney. His AVVO rating is 10.0. Lawyer James has been practicing since 2001. He has had over 100 million business disputes solved. James J. Christofaro has been seen on the doctors Netflix, the New York Post, fortune, travel weekly, the New York Times, law 360, business talk radio, Fremont Tribune, the drivetime show, Tulsa world, and more. Lawyer James practices commercial ligation commercial law business litigation and business law. He is headquartered in New York New York.

Being the top New York business attorney has been earned for this New York lawyer. James does things a little bit differently. Using your typical attorney he is created instant and direct access. You always have access to an attorney via text or phone call to give you peace of mind. No longer will you be kept in the dark. Finding there’s no communication or very little communication from the firm. Your issue will not be left in the dark over and over.

James has created more than just instant and direct access. He also created the transparent pricing. So that way you will never be surprised. You always know and improve the fee structure. Your wallet is safe with the lawyer James. You receive communications and plane and easy to understand English. He’ll help you solve your legal issues and practical action steps and device with years goals in mind. Lawyer James stays present and focused on you when you’re talking about your business. A good listener is always someone who can help fix problems with good solutions.

To work with the top New York business attorney, would be a great opportunity. He is aggressively represented both plaintiffs and defendants in the business disputes for 15 years to get results from his clients. He works on transitional documents, including formation documents like limited liability company operating agreements, articles of incorporation, bylaws, purchase and sell documents both stock and assets, confidentiality agreements, trade secret agreements work for hire agreements employment agreements, consulting agreements. Just about every business or commercial agreement there is

To have the top New York business attorney on your side, be an amazing investment. An investment that you won’t soon regret. Lawyer James can provide an amazing service to your business as well as a friendship that could last. If you’re wondering how to get into contact with the lawyer James. You can always call his number in New York 212 – 500 – 1891 or you could even visit him in person or visit his website at

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Have you heard of the top New York business attorney? Well his name is James J. Christofaro. He is a lawyer James. He is New York’s highest and most reviewed business real estate attorney. He has a AVVO rating is 10.0. He has helped solve hundred million business disputes. He’s been practicing since 2001. Several different law firms. He’s been working and living in New York almost all his life. He is created several books to help his client. He is also created the free one hour consultation for your business. If you haven’t heard of James, you’ve been living under a rock possibly.

Being a top New York business attorney, James is created a system for his clients. He created a system that will guarantee superior service. The lawyer James was extremely trained in the big elite New York law firm practices and was adapted to those practices that is diverse client base is developed tested and implemented a training system for the affiliated attorneys dies signed to deliver superior legal service he reviews his attorney training system monthly to make sure it remains current.

As a New York business attorney James strives to be the best, and also do the best work possible for his clients but also why he has set up a monthly subscription plan three different price points with three different any cumulative sets of benefits. Part of striving is to do the best work possible for the client including valuable constructive criticism or feedback. Is very important for individuals or small little businesses contact him the waters you on Google or even submitted video testimonial. We have years of experience in all of these fields and use the latest and greatest technology and equipment on the job. If you have a company interested in you, you can gives a call today and ask us about all of our fantastic services available.Seriously and want to go above and beyond for your client. You can rest assured that there are going to be trustworthy people that arrive at your home. People who know what they’re doing and can perform your cleaning to a high standard. Make sure that you check out our testimonials as well and see what other people have to say about it.

James lawyer also offers a free one hour contract, as well as a one dollar legal and business checkup. And you can’t forget his two free e-books. Not only will he offer his services to you be able teach you how to do them yourself. Review of your contracts and agreements for your business structure business registration, and business authority. James has you covered he provides many different ways to get things done. He helps evaluate your deadlines expiration and renewal dates. Make sure the ecosystem that you are on top of them you know you don’t want to miss those important dates. We review your accounts receivable and cash flow to type of opportunities you have.

You found the top New York business attorney. The one that will offer free services to you as well as amazing monthly subscription plans. With the vacation or at home lawyer James can meet you whatever you want over the phone on assume more in person. This is an amazing opportunity for business owners as well as someone thinking about opening a business. If you want to get hold of James you can call 212 – 500 – 1891